Louise's Daughter - Cheryl & Don Olney - 2023 Show Schedule

We are no longer doing any shows, either retail, or wholesale. Due to age - we are both 77, Covid - just not feeling safe in crowds these days, and the fact that over the past few years due to the combination of show expenses (travel, hotel, meals, etc.) and the higher cost of show fees our profit margins have made shows just not a good business decision. We are still selling wholesale to some of our old customers, (see link to list of galleries here) and are open to new wholesale customers that don't conflict with old friends! If you are an individual, we are happy to create work for you - Just call Cheryl at 585-734-0652, or Don at 585-734-0876

A quick note that our work will be at a Trunk Show at the Kennedy Center the second week in February 2023 during the Alvin Ailey performances.


For more info call

Cheryl - 585-734-0652

Don - 585-734-0876

or e-mail Don here   - Cheryl does not do computers!

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