Louise's Daughter - Cheryl & Don Olney - 2020 Show Schedule


We are no longer doing wholesale shows, but if you are a store, gallery, business, or non-profit organization, please call or e-mail us! See contact information below at the end of this show schedule.


February 4,5,6,7,8,9. 2020– Kennedy Center, Washington DC – trunk show before and after Alvin Ailey Dance weekend performances - MAP


All remaining shows for 2020 were cancelled due to the Coronovirus/Covid 19 pandemic.

Not sure when there may be more shows allowed, or even whether we will be doing any more shows

even if shows begin to be scheduled in 2021, or 2022?  We will be hesitant to join large gatherings for a long time

plus we are finding it more and more difficult to travel, set-up, sell, tear down, and travel back home.  We are 75 years old,

and our bodies are not as eager as our minds!



For more info call

Cheryl - 585-734-0652

Don - 585-734-0876

or e-mail Don here   - Cheryl does not do computers!

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